Pinnacle Health Clinic

Established in 1984, this reputable health clinic is located in the heart ofParramatta, Sydney. In addition to our popular naturopathy services, we also offer a range of items for purchase including natural herbal health and natural skin products. Call now or Online to make an appointment with our experts.

About naturopathy

The major cause of disease is the breakdown of the body's normal balance.Naturopathy focuses on helping the body cure itself with natural therapies such as herbs, nutrition, osteopathy and massage. It also teaches preventative methods to maintain good health and long life.

Naturopathy dates back more than 2,000years to the time of the Greek physician Hippocrate, known as the 'father of medicine'. Hippocrates laid down the principle, 'first do no harm'. If a cure is to work, it should therefore be as natural as possible.

About naturopathy and iridology

Iridology is a science used in naturopathy to provide the most accurate diagnosis. The markings in the iris provide a body map and can reveal diseases or inherited conditions that may lead to physical and emotional disorders.

This form of diagnosis is thousands of years old. The Chinese have been using it for diagnostic purposes for centuries. The western world became aware of this during the 19th Century through the work of DrBernard Jensen, who developed comprehensive iris charts which are still used today. Even though some western doctors know there is truth in Iridology, they are trained in a different diagnostic manner and unable to practice the science due to the restrictions of their governing body.

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